Server Management

Free Basic Management

Whilst our some services are advertised as unmanaged, we don't like clients being left in the dry when facing server-related issues. We will try to accommodate your needs wherever possible without any additional charges. For advanced requirements that can take over an hour, you would be looking to get our per incident or monthly management package.

What's Included?
Initial OS Installation
Control Panel Installation
Basic Debugging Of Server Errors
On Request Patching & Updates, Firewall Configuration, Hardening With cPanel License Purchased From Us

* We will generally do our best to assist you including tasks outside the above however time consuming requirements will require paid plan.

Managed cPanel/DirectAdmin VPS

If you have little to no experience with VPSs and require a VPS to host your websites then Managed cPanel/Direct will be perfect for you. Majority of our clients prefer cPanel option but we do provide DirectAdmin as an alternative if you need it.

What's Included?
Initial OS Installation
Control Panel Installation
PHP Module Installation
Server/Site Migration
Patching & Updates, Firewall Configuration, Hardening (Security)
Generally anything non-coding related we will help

Simply add the below cost to the VPS you are looking to purchase or contact us for a customised quote.

Cost Per Month
cPanel/WHM License £10.00
DirectAdmin License £6.00
Management £5.00

Advanced Management

We can take the strain off your work load, should you lack the experience or don't want the hassle of managing your servers we can help. Advanced management is available for clients who need assistance at server and application level helping debug and resolve most issues. We offer both incident and set monthly packages depending on your requirements.

Per Incident Proactive Package
Custom OS Partitioning Everything in per incident+basic management
Backup Configuration/Restore Uptime Monitoring & Notifications
Server Hardening (Security) Malware & Spam Troubleshooting
Custom Application Install Priority Request Completion
Application Debugging On Request Patching/Updates

* This is just a example of what we can do, please contact us with your exact requirements & pricing.

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